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The importance of complete accuracy in legal translations cannot be overstated, the consequences of incorrect or poorly executed translations are likely to be both costly and damaging.

At we are rigorous in selecting our translators, so no matter how urgent, complex or challenging your legal translation is, we can team you up with the right person in an instant.

Over 20 years of experience in Legal, Certified & Notarized Translation Services. Our clients include international law firms, in-house counsel and government offices.

We have managed legal translations across all areas of the Law: Contracts and Agreements, Depositions, Financial Documents, Patents, Arbitration Documents, Certificates, Diplomas, etc.


Court certification available for any of legal document (official fees apply).

Life Sciences

Gabi is an experienced translator in the medical field. She keeps constantly informed by following medical language courses and seminars. Combining her passion for Medicine as well as all her technical knowledge she is able to produce excellent translations of medical devices and biomedical equipment.

Some of our most important clients include pharma industries, life science specialists and linguistic validation companies.


This field involves the translation of documents produced by technical writers, such as Owner’s manuals and User’s guides.

We are experienced in the translation of standards (ISO, Harmonized, European), product and process descriptions, technical and product security information.

All this requires a high level of subject knowledge as well as mastery of relevant terminology and writing conventions. We also assure an accurate service of Glossary maintenance.



The globalization of communication networks has increased the domains of translation. The media play a key role in exchanges between different cultures; translation is the most important vehicle for intercultural dialogue. We can help you present your business to the rest of the world in effective Spanish, English, Italian... or any other language you may need.

Your web content, your business documents, even your personal blog can reach a wider audience, bringing along new profits and opening yourself to new horizons.

General Documents
  • Personal and commercial documents.
  • Abstracts, dissertations, reports.
  • Wide experience in the translation of touristic books and guides.





    * Confidentiality Guaranteed: All of our translators are pre-vetted and are subject to binding NDA's.

    We will also arrange for them to sign your company confidentiality agreement if required.